What are we doing?

It’s International Year of the Periodic Table – 150 years since Mendeleev first produced something that was periodic and made sense of the elements. An iconic image now, present in science labs all round the world, we are at a stage where another row has been completed – new elements named up to 118, Oganesson.

We at the Department of Chemistry, University of Aberdeen, were joking about knitting the periodic table when the joke became reality. We aim to complete several tables – indeed as of today we already have given out over 90 elements and we’ve only just started!

This is an outreach activity – we want to include as many groups and people as possible. If you’re a novice, help us out with blanks to fill in round the elements (remember it’s not a solid grid of elements). We will post some examples and instructions and updates here, but we’re also on social media: Twitter: @KnitFest2019 and FB: Knit the Elements 2019. Look out for the knitted Sm logo.

On reflection maybe we should be using Pt for platinum – and the periodic table?

Gallery of elements

These are the “first” elements we’ve received.   We are doing several tables so don’t worry if you see your element here!

We assign elements at random unless people want a particular element (e.g. initials, linked to your job, worked on that element)

Thanks to all our volunteers, always!  You’ve made this a bigger thing than we ever dreamed.